March 8, 2018

Replacing the rear wheel arch

Tommy has made real progress over the last few days removing the existing wheel arches, repairing the internals and replacing with new.

From leaving the factory, the Jaguar XJR inner arch was sealed using a second layer to help position the panel as well as act as extra protection in the form of a special adhesive. This is not a common method but to stick to originality we wanted to replicate this when fitting the new panels.

For now, we have removed the outer arches and lined up the new panels ready to be fitted up.


The E-Type Interior Refit

We are now on to the final stretch of the full restoration of our 1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2. John is fitting up the black interior with all of the modern additions including the bespoke Air Conditioning panels and the fully concealed blue-tooth audio set up.

Refurbishing the Bentley’s Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder

A trip down the A14 for us as we look to get the Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder refurbished by the guys at Past Parts.

Past Parts specialise in the supply and re-manufacture of braking and clutch parts for a range of older vehicles including older and classic cars, classic motorcycles, commercial and agricultural vehicles, and industrial plant machinery.

The brake cylinders have been refurbished ready to be fitted back up.