February 15, 2017

First glimpse of the new Maserati Merak door cards

I couldn’t resist posting a few pictures of our ‘almost’ complete Maserati Merak door cards.

I’m sure there’s not many cars on the road today with red leather stitched in green but then again, there’s not many cars on the road today with both a Maserati and a Merak badge.

Making our Jaguar E-Type Racing Series Seamless

Work is now underway removing the seams on our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Racing Series bonnet.

Breaking the mould of a traditional Jaguar E-Type we are building a racing specification model. All of the chrome that you would normally find on the exterior will be removed.

Here’s one we prepared earlier, our 1966 Jaguar E-Type in our workshops ready to be collected.

The chrome that you see on the car above will be removed from our racing edition.

The seams and holes will be removed to give a completely smooth finish and anywhere where chrome would normally be found will now be naked.

Preparing for installation of the Merak fuel tanks

A task that would be made a whole lot harder if the interior was already installed. Here we are applying rivets to the outer shell of the fuel tank compartments. This is a view from behind the seats prior to the fuel tank insulation and tanks themselves being fitted later this week.

A view from under the rear arches of the Maserati Merak fuel tank outer housing.