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Another Mini In

This stunning baby blue 1989 Austin Mini is coming into the workshop soon. Keep an eye out for where this mini will end up…

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Entry Is Open – Win Our 1992 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3

If you’ve ever wanted to own a classic mini, you have the chance to do just that over at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Entry is now open to win our 1992 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3.

With a higher compression engine of 10.1:1 and striking red paintwork, this is one classic mini that will not only get you to where you need to go, but will look good while doing it too.

All the information you need can be found here.

This Just In – 1997 Rover Mini

Bridge Classic Cars welcomed this 1997 Rover Mini to our Suffolk HQ.

The classic Mini will be inspected and assessed by the various restoration teams here at our workshop. This is a later version of the Rover Mini with a fuel injected 1275cc engine and has been modified both inside and out but the team will go through the entire car to check over and compile their report.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more on the wonderful 1997 Rover Mini.

Headed Home – Team C Racing Mini Shell Heading Back for Final Build

The Team C Racing Mini has been completed by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop and is headed back home to Team C for final assembly.

The Innocenti Mini arrived at our workshops a few weeks ago and has had many hours of work put into it in order to get it looking absolutely perfect for the project. The car has even had the underside of the shell completely prepared and treated with tint matched Raptor Guard to protect it from the elements.

It’s sad to see some of our projects leave us but this one has been a pleasure. And, there’ll be a new Team C Racing Mini for the Bridge Classic Cars team to start work on soon.

Finished in Colour – Painting the Team C Racing Classic Mini Shell

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth has recently had the body shell of the Team C Racing classic Mini in to begin the process of getting the car into colour.

Chris, along with the rest of the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team, have been getting the body shell of the classic Mini into the best shape possible before it heads into the booth. Every surface on the car, from top to bottom, has been meticulously prepared and cleaned down before being moved into the booth.

Coat by coat, Chris built up the layers of deep brown on the inside and outside of the shell of the Mini. Then, he could turn his attention to the roof of the car. For this, he had to re-mask the rest of the car before re-priming and laying down the white which gives this Mini its classic look.

Primed and Ready – Team C Racing Mini in Primer

The body shell and panels for the Team C Racing classic Mini has moved from the Bridge Classic Cars body shop to the paint booth ready to be shot in primer.

With the body and panels cleaned down thoroughly and masked up, Chris could begin the process of getting the classic Mini into primer ahead of its colour change. Several coats of primer were laid onto the body before it is taken back to the body shop to have more delicate sanding done to ensure the best finish on the shell for our friends over at Team C Racing.

This Just In – 1993 Rover Mini Sprite

Just arrived into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop is this incredible 1993 Rover Mini Sprite.

This classic Mini will go through our restoration departments to inspect and assess the car to see if anything needs doing on it.

Apart from its arrival photos, the previous owner sent us over some photos of this stunning little 1993 Rover Mini and some of the work done to it.

This Just In – Team C Racing Classic Mini

The newest arrival to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Pettistree HQ is the first of the 3 classic Mini shells that the restoration teams will be working on for our friends at Team C Racing.

This car will be worked on by our paint and body teams to be transformed into a brown body/white roof classic Mini for Team C.

Keep a lookout on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on this classic Mini.

Featured – 1967 Austin Mini 850 in the Ipswich Star

It’s always a lovely sight to see our previous projects out in the world. An example of this is the 1967 Austin Mini 850 owned by our friend Simon Benton.

This Mini was aesthetically restored by Bridge Classic Cars last year in preparation for its all-electric conversion done by Team C Racing and Electric Classic Cars. The car arrived at our workshop as a shell, then our in-house paint and body team got to work getting this wonderful classic Mini back to better than new condition before its date with the workshop in Wales for the conversion.

You can see more on this project in the upcoming Discovery Channel series about the car.

To read the full article, click the link below.

Ipswich Star: Classic Electric Mini Article

In The Right Direction – Aligning the 1990 Mini 30

Our in-house restoration technician Jon has been working on the front end of the 1990 Austin Mini 30 before it is transported to its new owner. As part of its check over, Jon had to make some tracking adjustments to get the Mini’s steering spot on.

With a few small tweaks, Jon managed to get the Mini’s steering completely dialled in and nicely balanced. Making sure everything under the car was torqued and secure, the car went for its final road test.

This little 1990 Austin Mini 30 will soon be off to its very lucky new owner.

New Home – The 1989 Austin Mini Safe at Her New Home

The beautiful 1989 Austin Mini is safe and sound at her new home in Scotland. Also, she seems to have got some company for her life up north.

The new owner of the straight cut gearboxed 1989 Austin Mini also has a very nice 1275GT which will be sharing its stable with the little blue car. The 1275GT was given the name of Little Floorie by its owner, who has decided that the name of the 1989 Austin Mini will be Little Lottie.

We wish Ken and his wife many happy miles with our little Mini and look forward to seeing more of Little Lottie on her adventures in years to come.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1990 Mini 30

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has made another lucky winners dream come true. This time it was the turn of Billy Spellman with his winning ticket of 776 and now the proud new owner of this amazing 1990 Mini 30.

During the live stream, Hayley showed everyone around the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and some of the restoration projects that are currently happening here. Freddie and Hayley always enjoy chatting to everyone on the live stream and hearing suggestions for future competition cars while also hearing what people have been up to since this was our first live draw of 2022 and what a special car to draw to kick the year off.

Then, it was time for the main event. As Freddie and Hayley went over to the laptop. Hayley showed the pre-published entry lists (which come out 30 minutes before we go live at 7 o’clock once entries have shut) and someone on that list of 2299 tickets was about to have a bit of a change to their lives in the next few minutes. Using a Google random number generator, Hayley checked to see it was all working correctly before putting the range needed for the competition. With one click of a button and a flash of numbers flying past, it landed on 776. Consulting the entry list, Hayley and Freddie found that particular number had been issued to Billy Spellman.

Once we had found Billy’s contact details through our online members’ list, it was time to call him. Once we had explained who was calling him, the penny dropped. He was blown away that he had in fact won the car. That’s what it’s all about, giving cars to people who are genuinely thrilled to now on their dream classic for the price of a ticket.

We always have new competitions going live every couple of weeks, so head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for your chance!

Christmas Surprise! Your Chance to Win a 1990 Mini 30

Some of you may remember this stunning Cherry Red Mini from last year when Courtney Barker won it through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, well she’s offered it back to us and now it could be yours!

This is a limited edition Austin Mini 30, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the legendary Mini. The car is in amazing condition which is why the team at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions bought it back when it was offered to us. The car had a full respray and sympathetic interior restoration by our in-house restoration teams.

The car is well known around the area, having spent much of its life in Southwold and then in Ipswich with Courtney. It also did the rounds of almost every car show such as Stonham Barns as well as several appearances at our own meet-ups. Since August 2020, the car has only covered an additional 3,000 miles meaning this 31-year-old pocket rocket has got just 66074 miles showing on the clock.

This could be yours! Ready to go for 2022, all you need to do is head over to the Bridge Classic Cars website and get your tickets now!

But hurry, these little things are very popular with just 2299 tickets available. Click the link below!

Enter to win the 1990 Mini 30

Welcome Back – 1967 Austin Mini Cooper 850 Back to Visit

A nice surprise today at Bridge Classic Cars! A previous project dropped by the workshop today.

This 1967 Austin Mini 850 is pretty famous… You may have seen it in several videos displaying some of its incredible party tricks. This Mini is not like the others. It is in fact all-electric.

A while back we did the body and paintwork on the car but now it’s in with us to visit before it goes to the Classic Motorshow at the Birmingham NEC. The car was built by Electric Classic Cars and TeamC and features a Tesla powertrain to allow it to do outrageous things!

Recently it was testing its Track Mode on a runway and the results were nothing short of terrifying but also exciting. We love this little Mini every time we get to see it so it was a lovely surprise for it to drop by today.

For more on the car – Go check out our blog posts on it here

Another Mini In

This stunning baby blue 1989 Austin Mini is coming into the workshop soon. Keep an eye out for where this mini will end up…

Something New Has Arrived…

In this morning’s dreary drizzle, a 1996 Mini Cooper 35 1.3i (1275cc) arrived adorned with roof rack and Monte Carlo anniversary stickers. Finished in a fantastic Almond Green with the classic white roof, this little classic is set to be on our competition website in the near future, watch this space…

Special Edition 35 – “to celebrate 35 years since the Mini Cooper first rolled off the production line and went on to make history. Winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times in the Swinging 60s. And out-manoevering far larger and more powerful rivals in countless other racing and rallying events.