amphicar 7-70

The Back Of Our Amphicar

Classic car technicians Christian and Monty have been doing more work on our 1964 Amphicar 7-70. They have been completing repairs on the boot lid and the rear quarter of this very interesting vehicle.

Any repairs of classic vehicles need to be completed to very high standards but, when the vehicle is going to go into the water, extra care needs to be taken to ensure it can withstand the rigours of life on the road and in the water.

The Strip Down Continues

The strip down of our 1964 Amphicar 7-70 has continued recently.

Classic car technicians Chris and Mauro have now stripped the car back to bare metal. Now that it is in this state, repairs can be made to the bodywork as well as getting things ready for the exterior to be painted.

While our 1964 Amphicar 7-70 is in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, the wheels will be sandblasted, the chrome and badges will be re-chromed or replaced as necessary, and the interior will also be thoroughly cleaned.

Our amphibious car is a very interesting vehicle and the team will continue their work on it until it is ready to head back to its owner.