Running issues on our 1974 Triumph TR6

Murray brought in his beautiful 1974 Triumph TR6 (WYR 240N) as she has been suffering recently with running issues.

In order to resolve the issues here’s what work John carried out on the car:

  • Check cause of misfire.
  • Check spark.
  • Check fire.
  • Check timing.
  • Points burnt – replace points and condenser.
  • 3 electrode plugs fitted – fit correct plugs all round.
  • Replace leads and cap.
  • Check fuel delivery to injectors, no fuel to number 2 cylinder.
  • Strip down injectors and metering pump. Clean out and refit. Metering valves 2 and 5 had been sealed with silicone, which had reacted with the fuel. Metering pump cleaned out, pipes cleaned out, injectors cleaned out, check fuel filter and clean.
  • Test metering valves to cylinders – 2 and 5 cylinders stuck.
  • Remove metering pump and replace valves.

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