1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing

Competition Cancelled

We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, our 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing competition has been cancelled. Here’s what you need to

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Competition Cancelled

We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, our 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing competition has been cancelled.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Everyone who has purchased tickets for this competition will receive a full refund on Monday 20th March 2023


  • If you would prefer, you can receive £10 in competition site credit for each ticket you have purchased

If you have entered the competition, please check your email inbox as you would have received additional information about your refund options.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation and wish to thank you for your ongoing support.

In The Workshop – Honda Goldwing

Our 1977 Honda GL100 Goldwing is now back in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

As you can see from the photos below, it is looking great and its future will soon be decided. Motorcycles like this don’t come into the workshop very often so we are very excited to see what the future holds for our stunning Goldwing.

Change of Plan – New Discovery on the 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing

There’s now a slight change of plan to the recommissioning of the 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing project, it’s going to need a complete engine rebuild.

The bike has been getting recommissioned but after its first full test and run-up, it’s been found there’s damage to the engine. It’s believed to just be the pistons but for this classic motorcycle to be in the best health, it will have a full engine rebuild and be gone through meticulously.

As you can see, it looks as though it’s just the pistons and rings which have notable damage but with such an iconic and important part of motorcycle history, we want to make sure it is all 100% ok.

Expect to see more on the rebuild of the 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing soon on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Back Together – 1977 Honda GL1000

The 1977 Honda GL1000, which belongs to our director Gordon, is all back together now and has been fired up for the first time since its rebuild!

The bike now needs some timing adjustments and a double-check of all the components before its MOT and then it will be back here at Bridge Classic Cars for Gordon to enjoy!

This bike is a beautiful example of the GL1000 Goldwing and we’re all excited to see it completed and back in our worklshop.

Back From Rebuild – The Carburettors for the 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing

The carburettors for Gordon, our directors, 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing are back from blasting and have been freshly rebuilt.

These are over at Chris Self Motorcycles with the rest of the bike being restored and rebuilt back to its original condition. The carburettors on the Goldwing are crucial for the 1000cc horizontally opposed 4 cylinder so they have been completely gone through by Chris Self to make sure there is no residual dirt anywhere within the carburettors.

If you like classic motorcycle restorations, keep an eye on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing.

Moving Forward – Update on the 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing

It’s been a little while since the last update on the 1977 Honda Goldwing.

This is Gordon, our director’s, bike. Last we wrote, the carburettors had been sent off to be media blasted and now it’s time for the rear swing arm to be serviced and rebuilt. The progress on this classic Honda (mainly believe to be from golden age of Honda motorcycles) is steady and we are looking forward to having her back and being enjoyed.

Progress on our Gullwing

Gordon popped in to Chris Self Motorcycles today to discuss the progress of our 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing. The carburettor bodies have been sent away for media blasting. All of the parts are now on order to fully recommission the bike. We look forward to getting it back to enjoy the end of the summer.

Honda Goldwing Has Landed

On Friday we welcomed our 1977 Honda Goldwing GL1000 into HQ. Bought by Gordon as a restoration project, we’re looking forward to seeing this Goldwing spreading its wings this summer.

This striking blue classic was originally designed to tackle the US cruising market of Harley Davidsons in the early 1970’s and would soon become a catalyst of change in the motorbike world. With the Honda Goldwing soaring into the cross-country cruising market, this desirable cruiser soon became a firm favourite of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Honda Goldwing Coming Soon

We’re welcoming this lovely Honda Goldwing GL1000 as part of our own collection, however, it will be sent to JAL Restorations for a freshen up. Stay tuned to follow this Goldwing’s restoration journey.