1974 MGB GT V8

Find and Fix – Diagnosing and Fixing the Running Issue on the 1974 MGB GT V8

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars restoration HQ here in Suffolk have been looking into the running issue on the 1974 MG B GT V8 which was noted by the owner.

The restoration team began by looking at the ignition system and found several key parts of the system were not working as they should. Upon inspecting the distributor had broken off part of its drive gear, so this item had to be replaced in order to consistently and uniformly send the signal to the spark plugs. Along with that, a fault was found with the coil and the condenser as well as some of the wiring which was causing the car to stop firing suddenly.

All of these were replaced with high-quality replacement parts and fitted by our restoration team to the classic MGB.

After fitting, the technicians tested the car to make sure everything worked exactly as it should before giving the car the all clear.

This Just In – 1974 MGB GT V8

This stunning 1974 MGB GT V8 has just arrived into the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshops at our Suffolk HQ.

The car has come for various bits and pieces such as an oil change for both the engine and gearbox, a coolant flush and an MOT. But the team have also been asked to have a look into some electrical issues with the car which cause the car to suddenly lose power.

The team will look into the electrical issue to begin with on the car and assess the entire car to make sure everything is 100% on such an iconic classic sports car for its owner.

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