1971 MG B Roadster

Ready to Go – Work on the 1971 MG B Roadster Ready to Head Home!

The Bridge Classic Cars team have finished up the final pieces of work on the 1971 MG B Roadster to get it ready to head off to its new home.

Previously, the team went to check the timing on the classic roadster only to find the fuel pump had died. This was removed and a new unit was sent out overnight to fit onto the car. While waiting for the new pieces, the team worked on getting the front-end of the MG B perfectly aligned and tracking straight and true.

The new fuel pump was fitted onto the car and the team could begin to check the hot start on the car. During that time, our technician Jon had to carry out a small, delicate wiring repair in the distributor. After this, the car ran absolutely perfectly.

Now, with everything finished up on the beautiful convertible, it was time for it to head off to its new owner.

Progress – Update on the 1971 MG B Roadster

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting the final bits and pieces sorted on the 1971 MG B Roadster before it heads off to its new home.

To begin with, the team at our Suffolk HQ discovered a crack in one of the flexi-hoses so that has been replaced with a new piece and all others were fully inspected and found to be ok.

Next, the team could fit the new brake master and wheel cylinder. This was installed into the car with all of the necessary pipework fitted up before the system can be filled and bled.

Finally, the new points and condenser could be fit into the distributor and the timing checked.

Update – Working on the 1971 MG B Roadster

Our 1971 MG B Roadster, which was won last week through our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, has been in the workshop to have a few of the final jobs done on the classic roadster before it heads off to its new home.

The team have swapped out the brake master cylinder for a brand-new replacement due to not being able to bleed the system. Once this was all fit up and plumbed in, our technicians could then work on replacing the wheel cylinders and resetting the pistons back into the front calipers correctly.

Finally, it was time to get the steering wheel realigned while also replacing the rubber boots on the track-rod ends.

Helmingham Hall Classic & Sports Car Festival 2022

This Sunday, the Bridge Classic Cars team were at the Helmingham Hall Classic & Sports Car Festival 2022.

The team had set up our stand the day before and carefully positioned our collection of competition and restoration cars to show off to everyone walking past.

Our stand was instantly busy as the gates opened at 10 am on Sunday. Crowds and lines of people waiting to get their tickets for our competition cars or to talk to the team about a project they have. In front of us, the rows of concourse cars laid out an incredible sight.

From an original Lamborghini Countach Anniversary to an Mk2 Jaguar with a leopard print interior. Included in those rows of incredible machinery was a 1960 Jensen 541S – It was Peony Red, the car we had restored for its proud owner on display and mentioned as a finalist in the Best in Show later that day.

In the multiple fields and paddocks, all manner of cars were on show. From new supercars to rarely seen and incredible classics from every corner of the automotive world. There was also amazing food, dancing, bands and stands for everyone to look at.

Families lined the shaded driveway, nestled under a long row of oak trees as the sun grew higher throughout the day as the concourse cars would do their exhibition runs. Filling the Suffolk countryside with every type of engine noise imaginable.

At the Bridge Classic Cars stand, the line of people didn’t stop. We love seeing our friends, new and old, so it was always a pleasure for the team to have a chat and enjoy the atmosphere.

As the afternoon went on, it was time to do our annual live draw from the Heveningham Hall Classic & Sports Car Festival. This time, it was for our beautiful 1971 MG B Roadster.

Molly and Freddie went live on our Facebook page to find out who the lucky new owner of the classic sports car. With the tickets having sold out several days before and the entry list being live, it was time to fire up the Google Random Number Generator. As Molly and Freddie hit the button, the future of the MG B was decided. The winner was Richard Hancox with ticket number 1027.

To check out the full gallery from the 2022 Helimgham Hall Classic & Sports Car Festival 2022 have a look below:

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1971 MG B Roadster at Helmingham Hall

After its full check-over by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, the latest competition car was given the green light to go off for a very special shoot.

The soft and warm light of a summer’s evening set the perfect backdrop for a drive in a classic roadster. The delicate rays of light dancing over its British Racing Green paintwork only highlighted the timeless shape and sophistication of our 1971 MG B Roadster.

The location only added to that air. The stunning Helmingham Hall here in Suffolk, where our MG B Roadster will be won in just over 2 weeks’ time.

The team transported the car into the grounds of the country estate which would be used as the location for this shoot. The team jostled the car into position, perfectly framed by the brick archway of the entrance to the main house, before it was let loose on the grounds with Lucy and Lily at the helm of the classic roadster. The beautiful 1.8-litre 4-cylinder happily singing past the rows of oak trees that line the estate’s meandering roads.

With the roof down, the MG B’s beautiful black interior set a wonderful contrast against its driver and passenger. Highlighting the depth and grace of these much-loved sports cars.

It could have been a scene from a 1970s arthouse film – The amber hues from the building’s glorious red brickwork falling on the parched grass only to be shocked by the richness of the green on the car.

The magical nature of a roadster in summer is something all enthusiast drivers can appreciate. That feeling of letting the outside in, noticing the sights and sounds missed when completely enveloped in the steel and glass canopy of a coupe. Driving purely for the love of driving, nowhere to really go and no time to be there.

This sense of freedom, the air of sophistication and the theatre of life in a classic convertible could be yours. You could win this 1971 MG B Roadster! Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and get your tickets now for this amazing car. The live draw is due to take place at the Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars on August 4th 2022.

Get your tickets now and be in with a chance of winning this truly breathtaking classic. Or, to check out the full behind-the-scenes gallery and video see below:

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1979 Porsche 911 Targa

Last night, the Bridge Classic Cars team got together to find out who the lucky new owner of the 1979 Porsche 911 Targa was!

The live stream started off a touch different this time, with Craig and Freddie showing our followers something very exciting that’s coming up soon and letting them witness and experience this amazing red and white beast… but we can’t give too much of it away on here just yet.

The live stream then moved on to Freddie and Craig having a look around our competitions building and giving our views several sneak peeks of what’s coming up very soon. Also, our show coming next Sunday! Head over to our show page here for more information.

Then, at 10 past 7, the competition closed. Only 240 of the 4750 tickets remained at the end and the entry list was made ready for the team.

Then, it was time to run the draw.

As always, we use a Google Random Number Generator to determine the winner. Craig test the system to show the viewers and then it was time. Setting the criteria between 1 and 4750, with one simple click – the fate of the 911 was decided.

The whir of numbers stopped as quickly as it had started. the screen showed 1766. Checking the entry list, that number had been assigned to Richard Smyth.

The team gave Richard a call – as we do with all our live draws. He answered and chatted with Craig letting us into an amazing story. He had wanted a Porsche 911 since he was 9 years old and now, he has his very own 1979 Porsche 911 Targa.

Nostalgia – History of the 1971 MG B Roadster

Every car has a story. The series of events from the day its first owner stared wide-eyed at their new car to the teary-eyed day they said goodbye, a cycle that repeats throughout the years, decades and generations. So, when we find an extensive and in-depth history file in the car it always makes for amazing reading.

In this case, it’s the story of the 1971 MG B Roadster. Its previous owner has meticulously catalogued his work with the car but also did something we find utterly beautiful.

The previous had managed to track down the car’s original owner! The car was collected from a local MG dealer in Colwyn Bay in Wales on the 1st of January 1971, a British Racing Green with black interior 2-seater sports car. The first owner kept the car for a few years before then selling it to a friend who also adored the car for several years before selling it on.

Inside of the history folder is several handwritten letters between the previous owners to fill in the gaps in the car’s history.

There’s also a wonderful leather-bound photo album that documents the car’s aesthetic restoration in 1989/1990.

Again, it all goes to add to the incredible history of the car and show that each and every one of our classics has a story beyond our own with our cars.

This Just In – 1971 MG B Roadster

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ is this beautiful dark green 1971 MG B Roadster.

The restoration teams at the Pettistree workshops will go through the car aesthetically and mechanically to put together their report on the MG B.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more on the 1971 MG B Roadster very soon.