1959 Triumph TR3

Boots On – Replacing the Steering Rack Boots on the 1959 Triumph TR3

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop have welcomed back this beautiful 1959 Triumph TR3 to our Suffolk HQ to carry out a series of small jobs on the classic sports car.

Firstly, the team have replaced the cracked and split steering rack boots from the car. Whilst the old boots were removed, the team took the opportunity to inspect and regrease all the necessary parts and to check the full operation of the rack in the car. Then, the new boots were put into place and the system rechecked for any binding or interference.

Lastly, the team gave the beautiful TR3 a full check over for the customer before we sent it on its way back home to its owner just in time for summer.

1959 Triumph TR3 body preparation

Our 1959 Triumph TR3 is now in the preparation area having the outer sills removed and corrosion behind repaired.

The sills will be replaced with new and repainted.

Our 1959 Triumph TR3 arriving

Due in this week we have our 1959 Triumph TR3 in need of some body work repairs on the outer sill.

And right behind to collect the owner is our good friend Hilary with his Austin Healey.

Travelling in style…