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1957 MG A

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1957 MG A Roadster & 1997 Rover Mini

Last night the live draw of the 1957 MG A Roadster and the 1997 Rover Mini from Bridge Classic Cars.

The Mini was so popular it had sold out by Wednesday morning!

Going into the live draw though, there were still quite a few tickets remaining on the classic MGA. But, as the live stream began at 7pm on our Facebook page people were still getting their last-minute tickets before the competition closed at 7:10.

As always, the team gave all of our viewers a look around the other classic cars in our new competition building. Including some very special upcoming competitions… make sure to sign up to our mailing list to get the inside scoop on what’s coming!

But, it was time to find out who our very lucky winners were!

As always the entry lists are published beforehand on the website. The Mini list had been up for several days, so as we waited for the MGA list to go live, the team ran the draw for the 1997 Rover Mini.

We use a google random number generator to pick a winner. Hayley at the controls of the laptop, made sure that everything was working just as it should do with a few tests and the commenters gave the team that the stream was coming through nice and clear. So, the team set the numbers between 1 and 3999.

And just like that, the winner had been decided. 2228 – A ticket which had been allocated to David Renn.

As the fate of the Mini was being decided, the entry list for the MG A went live.

Next, we had to find out who had won our amazing 1950s sports car. Not all of the 6666 tickets had sold when the competition closed, so as the team again used the random number generator to find a winner – it took a couple of tries to land on a number which had been allocated to one lucky person.

That happened to be Stephen Walton with ticket number 6294.

We want to wish both winners congratulations on their new dream classics.

What’s the Story? – Why the MG A is a Sports Car Icon

Seeing as how our 1957 MG A Roadster is going to be won tomorrow, we thought we would take a look at some interesting facts about the MG A and why it is so important in the world of sports cars.

Firstly, the MG A was born with motorsports at its heart. In the years following WWII, MG wanted to be more involved in competition and gain a presence across the world at every level of motorsport. So, they began to develop sportscars with racing in mind which would ultimately lead to the creation of the MG A.

Another fact about the MG A’s past, it was always intended to be exported. Since the MG TD & TF’s, MG wanted more of a foothold in the American sports car market. Post-WWII, the Americans had experienced these new adventures in speed and handling thanks to the lightweight, nimble and progressive sportscars they had been exposed to during their time in Europe.

The MG A would be a new and radical departure from the pre-war and immediate post-war sports cars. Gone were the days of archaic and traditional handling, only to be replaced by new, modern ways of thinking. Fully independent suspension at the front for better control, and a new sleek and stylish body. Its chassis was an all-new affair, gone were the days of up-right and ‘traditional’ drivers positions – replaced with low-slung bucket seats for better feel.

Even the looks of the MG A are based in motorsport. The styling of the MG A was based on a 1951 Le Mans car. People were so taken aback by this new way of thinking and styling by MG that the car was green-lit for development.

So, in 1955 MG took the decision to debut its new sports car in full competition. 3 MG A 1500 Roadsters were entered into the 24 hours of Le Mans. 2 of the 3 cars would finish, proving their endurance and competitiveness.

From there, the legend of the MG A would only grow further. Beloved by club racers, speed junkies and back-road warriors throughout the generations. The MG A sits in a special place in a petrol-fuelled Shangri-La.

Now, it could be yours to experience all of this history, engineering and beauty rolled into one incredible bright red package. Enter now and you could win our 1957 MG A Roadster live at 7pm tomorrow night here on our Facebook page!

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1993 Land Rover Defender 90

Slightly out of synch with the usual competition calendar this week. The Bridge Classic Cars team are bringing you two live draws! This Thursday the 1957 MG A Roadster and 1997 Rover Mini will be won at 7pm on our Facebook page. But last night, we found out who the lucky new owner of our 1993 Land Rover Defender was.

At 7pm exactly, the team went live across the internet. In the hour previously, it almost looked like the Mini was going to be drawn too! But, while we waited to see if this was going to happen Hayley and Freddie took all our amazing followers on a look around the stable of stunning classics which are kept safe and dry in our new competition building. Some of these are customers’ cars which have either been finished by our restoration workshops or are in storage while parts are on their way to our Suffolk HQ.

But, a few of them may or may not be upcoming competition cars…

After going around the eclectic mix of incredible machines, it was time for the team to find out the future of the 1993 Land Rover Defender 90. The competition had actually sold out early that day, so just like all of our competitions the entry lists are published on our website with every ticket number that had been bought with the corresponding name.

To find out who would be getting this stunning Corris Grey off-roader delivered directly to their door, the team use Google Random Number Generator. So, after testing that everything was working correctly with numbers outside the criteria. Hayley entered for the programme to choose between 1 and 3499. With a single click of the button, we had a winner.

Ticket number 2525 – The lucky number allocated to David. As always, we do try to contact the winners live on the Facebook stream but we had to leave David a voicemail to let him know the amazing news.

Remember! You could win a dream classic again this week. Although the 1997 Rover Mini completely sold out overnight, there is still incredible odds on the 1957 MG A Roadster – Enter now and you could be the new owner of this beautiful piece of sports car history.

Or, to rewatch the live draw, check out the video below:

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1957 MG A Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars team want to take you behind the scenes as we photographed and videoed our latest competition car, the gorgeous 1957 MG A Roadster.

The team have been taken advantage of the incredible weather recently to drop the roof on the MG A and head out to shoot it. The stunning 1950s sports car is a former Monte Challenge entrant and it feels every bit like a classic race car. The small, purposeful cabin with its aged red leather seats sit at the centre point of the car. You drop into the small, low bucket seats before reaching around to put on the complimenting beige harnesses and then push the start button.

The 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine bursts into life with a rumble and thump. The small, closely placed pedals work alongside the large steering wheel to feedback every sensation to its fortunate driver. Its exterior is simply put, beautiful.

The vibrant red paintwork set against the dark green of the pine trees that surround the car makes it shimmer and glow as the light moves across its low-slung bodywork.

This is what a British convertible sports car is all about and now Bridge Classic Cars want you to experience all of this and more. Enter now to be in with your chance of owning this incredible 1957 MG A Roadster.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12

First of all, congratulations to David! He won the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12 during last night’s draw with ticket number 2631 but, along with the live draw the team gave all of our audience a look around some of the other cars stored in our new building.

The Jaguar Sovereign V12 was the main event of the evening but it was surrounded by either current or possible future competition cars and some amazing restoration/customer cars we keep on site. Hayley and Freddie went all through the classic Jaguar showing everyone watching along on the live stream the fine details and modern luxuries which came as standard when the Sovereign V12 was new.

Then, Hayley handed it over to Nick who went through a little bit about our new online classic sales platform MyClassics. An overview of how, why, what and where it exactly is and that it sits with the enthusiasts at heart, whether that be buying or selling a classic it was designed just for them.

A quick look around the fantastic and eclectic mix of classics stored in our new building from a customers 1932 Lagonda Tourer in for our incredible trim team to work on all the way to a modern Triumph Street Twin motorcycle.

But, everyone watching along wanted to know the answer to the ultimate question which hung in the air. Who did the 1985 Sovereign V12 belong to? We also wanted to find out. Heading over to the screen, the team began that process.

Using our pre-published entry lists (these are generated after ticket sales close or the competition sells out) the team verified that the tickets were within the range of between 1 and 3333. Then, it was over to the Google Random Number Generator to let lady luck take control. Hayley set the criteria and as the screen became awash with whirring numbers, the anticipation rose.

Finally, it landed on a number. 2631.

Consulting the entry list, that particular ticket number had been purchased by David Graham. The new owner of the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12. So, as we do with all our live draws we gave him a ring to give him the good news.

When David answered, he was thrilled. He had entered for the Sovereign after always wanting a classic to join in with his friends who restore and enjoy classics up in Scotland and now he has his Jaguar V12 to get involved in the fun!

You can rewatch the live draw on the video below:

Loose Edges – Sticking Down the Loose Trims in the 1957 MG A Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars trim team have also focused on the trims in the 1957 MGA Roadster in our workshop.

Over the years, several of the leather-wrapped trim panels in the classic sports car have begun to loose their adhesive and curl round to the front of the panels or began to fall away from them. So, the trim team have gone through each of the pieces to reglue and secure them adding that little extra touch to the amazingly storied interior of the car.

Rebound – New Binding on the Carpets of the 1957 MG A Roadster

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked their magic on the interior carpet in 1957 MG A Roadster.

The carpet set on the 1957 MG A had areas where the binding had begun to separate and fray quite badly. So, our in-house trim team have stepped in to get it looking better.

The team have replaced the binding around the edges of the carpet as well as sewing a new set of floor rubbers into place.

Fresh & Clean – 1957 MG A Gets a Viper Valet

The 1957 MG A Roadster has been treated to a full silver valet by the amazing team at Viper Auto Valet here at our Suffolk HQ.

Colin, the owner of Viper, carefully washed down the car to remove any contaminants from the paint before meticulously machine polishing to enhance the beautiful gloss of the vibrant red paintwork.

Viper Auto Valet handles the cleaning of our classics and makes them look absolutely stunning. Check them out by clicking here!

Nostalgia – 1957 MGA Roadster in the 2000 Monte Challenge

We’ve been sent in these amazing photos of our 1957 MGA Roadster as part of its previous life.

The car took part in the Monte Challenge, a classic rally much in the spirit of the original Monte Carlo rally organised by the CRA but now part of the HERO calendar of classic car events.

The results postings for the 2000 edition show that number 47, the number was worn by our 1957 MGA 1500 Roadster, was run by Philip Swain and Frank Lyons in the 2000 edition of the rally. From this results book, we can see that the car managed 45th place overall with a little over 2hrs in accumulated penalties.

It’s always amazing to see the lives of some of the cars in our care before they found their way to us here at Bridge Classic Cars and seeing an MGA used in the way they would have been in period.

Remember, you can send in your classic car stories! Drop us an email with some photos and your story to

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1957 MGA Roadster For Sale

The stunning 1957 MGA 1500 Roadster in with Bridge Classic Cars has been photographed by the team here at Bridge ahead of being put up for sale on our new online classic car sales platform MyClassics.

With the weather near enough perfect, Nick set out to shoot the classic MG Roadster at our secure storage facility The Hangar. The vintage Roadster was brought out of The Hangar and moved into position on the pad for its photoshoot.

The car is even more beautiful in person. Finished in vibrant red with its contrasting white hardtop and sitting on wire wheels with disc brakes on the front and drums on the back it looked perfect in the late winter sunshine. The interior is one of the most characterful we’ve come across. The seats show age cracks and the red has darkened over time to give a beautiful contrast against its exterior. The beige harnesses that drape across the leather make the car feel as racy as it looks and being fitted with a later 5-speed gearbox helps this MGA become a car for all occasions.

The car has been entirely inspected by our restoration workshops, where only a minimal carburettor set-up was required to have it running perfectly. The car was restored in the late 1990s and bought by its previous owner after searching for what he deemed to be the most perfect MGA in the UK, and was found at a Lotus Main Dealer in Henley. The optional white hardtop is in good condition and allows that extra level of confidence should the weather turn on a Sunday blast or to cut down the wind noise on a cross-continent jaunt however the beige soft top on the car is in fine condition with minimal marking and little to no tears or fraying.

The car is now for sale on the all-new Bridge Classic Cars online sales platform MyClassics. An online sales platform where there are no fees for buying and no fees for selling your classic inside a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

To view the beautiful 1957 MGA 1500 Roadster for sale by Bridge Classic Cars on our MyClassics platform, simply click the link below.

Click here to view the 1957 MGA 1500 Roadster for sale on MyClassics.

This Just In – 1957 MGA Roadster

The latest arrival into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this beautiful 1957 MG A Roadster. Finished in fiery Red with contrasting white hardtop and wire wheels and perfectly aged red interior.

The car will soon go into the various departments to be inspected and assessed to see if anything needs to be done to this gorgeous 1950s sports car to get it running as good as it looks. Once the teams have looked through the car and given their report, you’ll see much more on this wonderful car here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.